Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lazy Days

Ah summer. Lazy days, bright blue skies, and everything green and blooming. Its something that I look forward to every winter and spring, especially around exam time.
I'm spending this summer yet again working on my parents farm. Everyday is filled with the picking, moving, washing, and delivering of lettuce and other greens. It really is great to see how appreciative the chefs in our area are of beautiful greens! I have also been doing the farmer's market in downtown GR. I love it! Not only am I working, but I am interacting with the people in my community. Its fantastic.
I am realizing more and more this summer how very blessed I am. I have an amazing family, a rewarding job, and a supportive and loving boy friend, not to mention all of my other wonderful friends. I am beyond blessed and I am so thankful, especially in this busy season. 

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